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The app includes a VPN plug-in that enables secure mobile connections to private networks protected by SonicWall security appliances for devices running Windows Modern business practices increasingly require that users be able to access any network resource files, internal websites, etc. At the same time, ensuring the security of these resources is a constant struggle. While most users are aware that they must take care to protect computers from network security risks, this security awareness does not always extend to mobile devices.

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And yet, mobile devices are increasingly subject to security attacks. Furthermore, mobile devices often use insecure, untrusted, public Wi-Fi hotspots to connect to the Internet. It is therefore a challenge to provide secure, mobile access while still guarding against the inherent security risks of using mobile devices. The SonicWall Mobile Connect for Windows 10 plug-in provides secure mobile access to sensitive network resources.

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You can now access resources on the private network. The following sections describe supported platforms and network requirements for SonicWall Mobile Connect: SonicWall Mobile Connect for Windows 10 is supported on devices running the Windows 10 operating system from Microsoft. Microsoft is making Windows 10 available as free upgrade for qualified Windows 7, Windows 8. See the following URL for more information: In this case, the Store app will be automatically launched and the Mobile Connect app page will be displayed.

Once Mobile Connect has been successfully installed, clicking Connect on the VPN connection will now work as expected. SonicWall Mobile Connect is a free app available for download from the Windows Store, but requires a concurrent user license on one of the following SonicWall solutions to function properly: To use Mobile Connect, you will need the following information from your network administrator or IT Support: Before Mobile Connect users will be able to access the private network, the network administrator must configure the DNS Domain on the SonicWall appliance.

The following information is for SonicWall network administrators: Blog Contact Sales Free Trials. Security Center. Technology Partners Learn about SonicWall technology and alliance partners.

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Search for: Mobile Connect 1. How Mobile Connect Works. Supported Platforms. This will launch the Networks window on the desktop as shown below e. User then uses the "connect" button to initiate the tunnel session. The initial setup wizard needs to be completed for the first time connection g. Connect to workplace and click on the Install Connect tunnel link b. Click Allow on the Security warning c.

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For non-admin users, the following UAC dialog needs to be completed d. O nce the installation is complete, the Connect tunnel icon will be available in the desktop and users can launch it from the "Networks" page. Login to workplace b. OD Tunnel connection is established and user can verify the session within the Workplace Details page: Blog Contact Sales Free Trials.

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Security Center. Technology Partners Learn about SonicWall technology and alliance partners. Search for: Knowledge Base. Windows 8 based Connect and On-Demand Tunnel installation.

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