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Since some reading plans have you reading in multiple portions of Scripture at the same time, the Progress screen shows the progress for each book of the Bible individually.

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One last feature adds a nice touch to complete the picture. At the bottom of the Settings screen is a dimmer slider, so you can dim the screen before you start reading, without opening the Apple Settings app. Lastly, there is extensive help built into the app. Now we are getting into the real contenders for daily Bible reading. All of these offer numerous and flexible reading plans, the means to mark off what has been read in order to track your progress, and the ability to mark or highlight text and write notes.

All of these apps save your data via an online service. With the exception of MantisBible, these apps are also available on a multitude of other platforms, and can sync your data between platforms. Laridian has a desktop Windows application, and OliveTree offers a Mac version and is working on a Windows version , so depending on what desktop operating system you use, you can have your modules on your desktop as well.

This app is a long-standing Palm app that has been re-written for the iOS. Once you have selected a plan, tapping this icon opens the current day's reading. If you tap the Today icon again, you can change reading plan preferences, go to the first unread reading, or modify your reading plan. You can also view your progress. To mark something read or unread, tap the Edit button, then tap on days to toggle their read status.

This is useful, but a little complex, and I do find the Laridian app in general to be confusing and obtuse to use. Still, it does have a good selection of free modules, despite being a commercial app. Also, if you have migrated to PocketBible from Palm or use it on other platforms such as Windows, it is an excellent way to keep everything in one app. Like all top-tier Bible apps, it has note-taking and bookmarking capabilities. All of this can sync to their servers for safekeeping and syncing.

Honestly, this app was probably the most complex to set up and use. But once set up, it is amazing in action.

The Best iPhone / iPad App For Tracking Your Bible Reading

It has eight integrated Bible reading plans. It tracks your progress with check marks, accessible as a popup from its Tools menu the calendar icon. If you tap the box, the reading will be marked as read, without opening the passage to read. If you tap the text, which is a hot link, it will open the passage for reading, simultaneously marking the passage as read.

Some days contain multiple non-contiguous readings. To read them, you simply repeat the process, and it will mark them read as you read them. The latter should be the default, but, unfortunately, it is not. Unfortunately, Mantis has decided to lock your data to one device. In other words, you can only use your modules and sync your data to one iOS device at a time. If you upgrade it, you have to ask them to move your account info to your new device. Worse, if you own an iPhone and an iPad or iPod Touch , you cannot sync your data and modules between them. The worst aspect of this is that if you have purchased modules on one device, you would have to repurchase to use them on another.

Mantis is the only company to be so stringent in their terms. I have heard that they are looking into changing this, and i hope they do. If all you are interested in is daily Bible reading, this app is probably absolutely the best option. This should be no surprise, since its primary purpose is to encourage and promote daily reading of the Bible. There are plans lasting from a few days to multiple years.

Add the benefit of being able to track your progress, sync everything with their web site and other platforms all the main smartphones are supported , online notes, and more; as a daily reading app, it is just about the best one out there—-with one caveat: Thankfully, you can download some Bibles, but it seems that only Bibles are kept offline. You need a connection to access your daily reading, and to update your progress, which are stored solely in the cloud.

In fact, if you lose internet access with the app open, you can find yourself locked out they are attempting to fix this. Despite this small caveat, the app is worth serious consideration. When you are reading a passage from your daily reading, there is a little tab in the top-right corner of the text window. YouVersion automatically keeps track of the chapters you have read.

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You access notes and bookmarks by tapping a verse or multiple verses , and then tapping the little arrow icon that pops up. YouVersion also has a monthly calendar overview, with little dots on days that have unread passages. Together with the calendar overview, and the progress bar, it is sufficient for the task at hand. Five plans are installed by default; many more are available for download from within the app, or you can create your own. Fixes crash when 'Open To' option is set to 'Today' and today is past the end of the plan. An excellent app for daily quiet time to help read through or listen to the Bible in a year.

The Top 5 Reading Plans from the Bible App and - YouVersion

I've used the app for several years. This app has helped me listen to an audio reading of the Bible using different schedules. I've followed a devotional guide that went from Genesis through Revelation in order. I'm currently following a "thematic" schedule which goes through Bible books with similar themes - for example, the Bible books of Genesis and Hebrews tell us about Abraham's faith.


So, Genesis and Hebrews were paired at the opening of the schedule, and so on I've used the app to guide me through a "contiguous" reading through the Bible - for example, some scholars believe the book of Job is about a man who may have lived about the same time as Abraham. Abraham is introduced in the book of Genesis.

The schedule opened with the first 15 chapters of Genesis, then went through the book of Job, finished Genesis, and so on through the Bible.

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Bottom line - the app is helping to keep my devotional time interesting as I go through the Bible yearly. Your Word, O Lord, is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer. My wife and I have been using this app to guide our Bible reading over the past year, and it has been a great help to us. After reading through the Bible together in , we started by slowing down to read one book at a time along with a commentary or two, plus a Psalm or Proverb every day.

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We've been using ReadingPlan this whole time to guide our reading. Creating a custom reading plan and adding it to the app is very easy, and I want you to know how much we've benefitted from your app. There are a couple of features I'd like to see at some point e. The ability to craft our own reading plan and put that plan on each of our iPhones to follow together is fantastic.

The developer has obviously put hours of work into this app to make it useful for others. App is very flexible. You can track many existing reading plans and documentation is provided to build your own if needed. You can track multiple reading plans and enable notifications to remind you. Powerful linking feature. I love how you can tap a given reading and it will open the passage in your preferred Bible app.

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4 MUST HAVE Phone Apps for Quick and Easy Bible Study!!

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