Sony xperia t review video

Should I buy the Sony Xperia T?

To make up for this rather disappointing situation, the Xperia T comes with something that Google's flagship phone does not -- a microSD card slot, which can accept cards of up to 32GB in stature. The Note 9 is a terrific phone, but Samsung is clearly holding back for The Pixel 3's camera already makes it a standout -- but useful Google software elevates Featuring a novel in-screen fingerprint reader, the OnePlus 6T is neck-and-neck with other Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

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Sony Xperia T

Sony Xperia T review: Compare These Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Review Sections Review. Should I buy the Sony Xperia T? Continue to next page 01 Best Phones for Starting at: If you're buying a new iPhone, this should be your starting point. If the foldable phones of the future look like this, count me in.

Qualcomm already has a new 5G chip that promises sleeker, long-lasting phones. We get how it's an enhancement on a PS4 controller to have this DualShock-type functionality, but when watching a movie on a phone it just irks. At no other times are there vibrations, even if there's a collision on screen — a situation where we'd expect to feel something from the Xperia XZ2.

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We found it similarly bizarre for music playback, with the phone buzzing along in our hand to the beat. It's certainly different, but we wouldn't say it necessarily enhances the playback experience.

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  • Sony Xperia T review?

Lock the handset during playback, though, and it'll stop vibrating, which means it won't be constantly making irritating sounds if you pop the Xperia XZ2 on your desk. You can adjust the vibration level of the system, with 'mild', 'normal' and 'powerful' options to choose from.

Sony Xperia T (LT30p) - Review and Specs - Compare Before Buying

You adjust these as you would the volume: You can also opt to turn the feature off completely, which we did after a while. Sony has dug into the U.

Its latest flagship, the new Xperia XZ2, is a perfect example why. Like many Sony phones, the XZ2 is just a little too expensive and hard to find. It's only available unlocked on Amazon and from Best Buy.

Sony Xperia T Review

Like nearly every Sony Xperia smartphone for the past five years and what seems like every major smartphone in , the XZ2 is a waterproof glass sandwich with smooth aluminum oozing out the sides. The Gorilla Glass back bows toward the middle, making it one of the thickest high-end phones, at the waist, you can buy. Previous Xperia phones have had the fingerprint sensor built into the power button on the side, which was a unique solution, but worked pretty well. It took a couple days to get used to the unique arrangement, but eventually my brain adapted. Because only the middle of the phone touches a surface when you set it down, the XZ2 is prone to diving off the arms of couches as well.

Sony includes a USB-C headphone adapter, but who wants to fiddle around with dongles every day?