What does fdn phone list mean on blackberry

Fixed Dialling Numbers?

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Enable FDN. To De-activate 1. Disable FDN. I cannot see any thing on the How do u turn of fixed dialing. If your service provider plan includes SMS, you can also send SMS messages to contacts on your FDN list so if you have this enabled chances are you have to turn it off. Turn on fixed dialing 1.

Click the trackwheel. Click Enable FDN mode. Type the PIN2 code provided by your service provider.

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Click New. Type a name and a phone number. Click Save. To open the phone, press the Send key. To end a call, press the End key. To call a selected contact or phone number, press the Send key. To call a speed dial number, hold the assigned key. To add an extension to a phone number, press the X key. Type the extension number. To call your voice mail access number, hold 1. To type a letter in a number field, hold the Alt key.

PIN1 and PIN2 Codes / PIN Lock Disable Code (PUK)

To type the first letter on a key, press the letter key once. To type the second letter on a key, press the letter key twice. To turn on or turn off mute using the Mute button, press the Mute button. To turn on or turn off mute using the keypad, press the exclamation point! To turn speakerphone on and off during a call, press the period. To change the volume during a call, roll the trackwheel. Not finding what you are looking for? A list of numbers which you can create in your sim card phone book called fdn list it is the same as your phone book. When fdn is activated only the numbers in the fdn list can be called.

It is a way of locking down the phone for example if I have this number: Only numbers in the fdn list can be called except or calls. I use fdn to enter prefixes like , doncaster number, , bridlington number etc So I don't accidentally call premium numbers. Here is how mine is set up: I have the following numbers in my fdn list: Thats how mine is used.

If you have children and want to give them a phone with fdn function, you can protect them by adding parents or home phone numbers to the fdn list in full like etc Only those calls can be made from the phone which will stop the child from calling different numbers. This also applies to text messages although calls and texts received are still connected but cannot be sent from the phone. Its like phone parental control. To activate fdn you need a pin2 code, this is usually the same as the default pin. If you are with 02 the default pin and pin2 are: If 3 wrong pin2 codes are entered the phone will require a PUK2 code which can be obtained by your service provider but you must use fdn with caution as if you block the pin2 not all service providers have a puk2 code available, as a result you will have to buy a new sim.

Virgin mobile and vodafone definately support fdn. You require a phone with fdn functions such as a samsung model. Can I block calls?

What Is FDN Mode In Mobile Phones And What Is Its Function? - Blurtit

Add a call forwarding phone number About smart dialing In a call forwarding profile, click Do Not You can specify default country and area codes so Forward. BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds. In the phone options, click TTY. Click the trackwheel. Email messages Click the trackwheel. Click Send. To change the recipient of a sent message and To view messages within a specific folder, in the resend it, open the message. Click View Click Edit. Select a contact. PIN messages are not routed through an existing email account. Manage messages Manage cell broadcast channels Open a message.

Perform The cell broadcast channels that you subscribe to one of the following actions: In the handheld options, click SMS. Click Search. Click the You can search the messages list using criteria trackwheel. If you type more than one word in the Text or Name field, all the words must appear in the same field for the search to be successful. File attachments are not searched when you search across the handheld programs. To display the contents of a specific cell in a spreadsheet, click the trackwheel.

PIN Lock Disable Code (PUK)

Click View Cell. To switch to a different worksheet in a spreadsheet, click the trackwheel. Click Select Worksheet. Click a worksheet. To view the previous worksheet in a spreadsheet, click the trackwheel. About PIM synchronization support wireless email reconciliation, changes are You can synchronize personal information reconciled using the BlackBerry Desktop Software.

For more information on manual handheld data In the Using field, set whether the entry is Click the trackwheel. Click New. Set the language. Type a word or letter combination. Click Stop. To view the previous web page in the history, click The BlackBerry Browser is optimized for viewing the trackwheel.

Click Back. HTML web pages. If your handheld is integrated with an email account using the BlackBerry Click More Images. To load The Save Image field is only available for all the images, click the trackwheel. Depending on your service provider, you might not be able to save images. BlackBerry Browser. For more information on loading optional Manage applications You can enable browser push for your WAP To view a list of applications, in the handheld Browser, your BlackBerry Browser, or both browser options, click Applications.

You can also set which hosts provide this view details for any third-party applications, information to you. If the program still does not load and your you receive no additional notification. For more information, contact your system administrator.

Blackberry 7100t - T-Mobile - GSM User Manual

Contacts Type a name for the mailing list. To find and add contacts from your company Click the trackwheel.

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Click View. To delete a contact from the search results, click the trackwheel. Click Prev or Next. Type a location in parentheses. Select the Relative Date check box for the appointment to recur on a relative date. For To change the start and end times, hold the example, set an appointment to recur on the last Right Shift key and roll the trackwheel. Friday of each month, or on the 28th of each Click the trackwheel. If you delete a meeting invitation from the messages list before you accept or decline it, the appointment is deleted from your desktop calendar.

Change meeting participants Open the meeting. In an Accepted or Declined field, click a contact. Perform one of the following actions: Click Categories. To select the categories that apply to the task, press the Space key. Save your changes.

View tasks by category To view all tasks within a category, in the task list, click the trackwheel. Memos Click the trackwheel. To recall the memory, click MR. To delete the memory, click MC. To replace the memory, type a number. Click MS. Convert measurements In the calculator, type a number. In the Bluetooth options, perform one of the following actions: Set the date and time. To set the date and time in the alarm, click the trackwheel.

What is the escalating volume level?

How to resolve the problem Normal call are restricted by access control

If you use the escalating volume level, the notification volume level consistently increases until the handheld reaches the loudest volume level. Click Save. Setting a specific font family is only available for BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds with color screens. Set a theme for your handheld On some BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds with color screens, you set themes to control the appearance of items such as applications, indicators, words, and icons. For more Set the display language information on adding and removing handheld In the handheld options, click Language. Power and battery Set the Weekend field to Enabled.

Network coverage Note: Scan for a network to add to the How do I select a network when preferred network list traveling? In the handheld options, click Network. In most cases when you are traveling, your handheld automatically roams to an appropriate Click the trackwheel. How do I change the order of the networks in the preferred network list? To change the order of the networks listed in your preferred network list, select the network that you want to move higher in the list.

SIM card Click the trackwheel. Click Enable Security. Type a new handheld password. To unlock the keyboard, double-click the trackwheel. Retype the new handheld password.