Telephone interview questions for receptionist

You can find a comprehensive list of employee strengths and weaknesses here. Highlight your strengths as they relate directly to the job opportunity. Tell me about a recent situation where you had to handle a difficult customer? Communication is key to this answer.

Receptionist Interview Questions

Discuss your ability to listen closely, to ask the right questions to be able to understand and meet the customer's needs. Customer service behavioral interview questions.

Top 5 Receptionist Interview Questions and Answers

Describe how you organize your tasks for the day? Discuss how you prioritize your tasks each day to meet deadlines and demands. What systems do you use to schedule and keep track of your activities? What resources do you make use of? Receptionists deal with many different demands.

receptionist interview questions & tips.

In your answer show how you are able to adapt to meet changing priorities and to multitask. Tell me about a tough problem you had to sort out recently. Focus on how you were able to identify and analyze the problem in order to come up with possible solutions. What information and resources did you use to understand how to resolve the situation?

Can you give me an example of where you used your initiative in your previous job? Provide an example of where you came up with a better way to do something or made a recommendation for improvements in the current system. What changes have you implemented?

Receptionist Interview Questions & Answers

How have you gone beyond the confines of your job description? How to Answer behavioral interview questions. Receptionist Interview Questions - motivation. Why do you want to work as a receptionist for this company? Make good use of your background research on the company to answer this question. Find a couple of specific reasons why you are interested in the organization. I would like to be a part of this and, as a front-line receptionist, contribute to your standing in the industry".

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More Sample Answers. What do you like and dislike about working as a receptionist? Start with what you enjoy about the job and make your answer relevant to the duties involved in the position you are applying for.

5 Front Desk Receptionist Interview Questions & Answers

Examples include meeting and dealing with diverse people, using your initiative to assist people and providing a high level of customer service. Your dislikes should not relate to the job opportunity requirements. Avoid complaining about working conditions such as overtime and the office environment. Stay away from criticism of co-workers, your managers and customers. The best way to handle the dislike question is to refer to the absence of something in your previous job such as the lack of opportunity to use your initiative or make decisions.

Common Interview Questions and Answers. Learn how to utilize the STAR method to answer behavioral questions. I maintained a calm voice so as not to escalate the conflict, and I politely explained that we would notify him as soon as new inventory arrived. He calmed down and left satisfied.

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  • 5 Common Front Desk Receptionist Interview Questions & Answers!
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Your answer should reassure your interviewer that you appreciate the sensitivity of confidential information and are confident in keeping that information when pressed for it:. I would not give out personal or private information to anyone unless the individual has authorized it in advance. The receptionist is the glue that holds the office together.

You have to be organized not only for yourself but also for others. Your interviewer wants to be reassured that if they pick you, nothing will slip through the cracks. Put them at ease with an answer like this:. I love keeping documents separate so that files are always handy and never get mixed up. Take this opportunity to sell your interviewer on why they should select you. Highlight some of your personal strengths or work experience that you might not have had a chance to cover.

I love putting out fires and solving problems for people, and I think that would make me a great receptionist. Landing an interview for your dream job requires a lot of time and hard work. Make sure you can put your best foot forward by rehearsing your answers to these 10 essential interview questions. Articles Profiles Majors.

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receptionist interview questions & tips. |

Career Insights. Skip to content Put your best foot forward. When you finally get a call to interview for a receptionist position, be prepared with answers to these 10 essential interview questions: Table of Contents: What software are you comfortable using in terms of office documentation and office administration?