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Most of these tweaks work on iOS 8, iOS 8. It is recommended to upgrade your iPhone to at least iOS 7 and download Cydia to it if you would like to enjoy a longer battery life on your iPhone.

  1. 1. Enable Low Power Mode.
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Now you must have wondering how BattSaver extend your iPhone battery life. This app basically monitor apps or games that are draining your battery life. It will shut them down if they are not in use for a certain period of time. BattSaver is not a free Cydia tweak. It works only on iOS 8 and iOS 7.

How to fix overheating and battery drain on Electra jailbreak

Many iPhone users should know that the battery life is an issue for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Just like BattSaver, it shuts down unused apps and turn off automatic updates from time to time. Besides, you can customize the settings in the user interface to get the maximum battery life based on your usage, for instances, change the brightness when the battery power is low. Price wise, Battery Saver Pro is free for life.

Battery Info (Cydia Tweak) iOS 6

BatteryDoctorPro is a must-have battery management tweak for your jailbroken iPhone. It can be downloaded from BigBoss repository for free. My battery life was noticeably better, but there are a few things about this tweak that annoyed me:. Inside the app you can track battery capacity, amperage, temperature, and load averages with and without BattSaver enabled.

You can also see all kinds of crazy detailed info about your battery.

Obviously, this tweak is trying to minimize how many charge cycles you put your battery through, which in turn keeps the battery healthy. You may not want to use BattSaver every day, but I can imagine that it will come in handy when you need to conserve ever precious bit of battery life you have. Remember, results may vary. Take control of your Apple Pencil 2. Triqtraq turns your iPhone into an amazing groovebox [Review]. There are two ways to activate Low Power Mode, manually or when there is 20 percent left in battery usage.

As a result, more and more battery life are being sacrificed. To solve this problem, I have found two jailbreak tweaks that are designed to enhance the Low Power Mode feature on your iPhone or iPad. Check them out below. Low Power Mode is located within the Battery page in your stock Settings app. Therefore, less and less people know about this useful feature nowadays. Low Power Mode is extremely important, and it has proven to extend the battery life of your iPhone.

2. Disable Raise to wake

Now that your iPhone is back on, go to the Settings app. Tap on the preference page of Low Power Modder.

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