Samsung galaxy s3 battery drain fast

Please read on for more information on how to deal with this particular issue. Below you will find out how to locate the cause of the overheating and what you can do to help resolve the issue. Here, you need to use the most insightful tidbit of information to diagnose the battery on your Galaxy S3 device.

There is an easy way to get this information. However, this tool does not come installed on every Android device, and it may also be absent depending on the version of Android on your device, and sometimes the carrier that you use. If it does not work, then please use one of the recommended apps outlined below to find gain access. If this feature is available on your device, then a screen should automatically appear. If the code does not work for your device, then here are the alternatives.

Below that, it shows which applications are consuming the most battery, including the infamous Android OS battery drain, rated by percentages.

Play Store Download Link. On the surface, it offers a very robust interface for checking out your battery life. It gives a rough estimate of how much battery life left you have left in your current charge based on your usage habits at the time, but it goes a step further by showing how much potential battery life you can save by turning off specific radios or application syncing. The significant part of Battery Doctor is the actual Doctor part of the application. It acts as a personal battery adviser by giving you tips on when to charge your battery for maximum battery life and what apps and hardware functions you can disable to extend your charge.

Disabling haptic feedback, for example, gives a little more juice than you think it would. There are many other apps on the Google Play Store, but these are the ones recommended.

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You can check out some more of these apps here. This one is a bit tricky. Sometimes it is best to check the battery of your device as a whole. Remove the back cover and perform a visual inspection of the battery. If you cannot see any malformations, then set the battery down on a flat surface and see if it remains flat or if it rocks back and forth in any way.

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Should the battery not sit flat then you need to replace your battery. Give your service provider a call and ask them about your cell phones warranty. Or you can order a battery online and replace it yourself.

Fix: Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Drain/Overheating

You can buy Samsung Galaxy S3 replacement batteries on Amazon. A hot Galaxy S3 battery does not necessarily indicate a bad or defective battery. The fact is that your Galaxy S3 will get warm. After all, they are electronic devices. Do not panic if your Galaxy S3 is getting a bit warm. If your Galaxy S3 is getting hot so much so that it is overheating then, you might risk damage to your device, yourself or those around you. What you need to do is figure out what is causing the problem and learn how to prevent your device from overheating.

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The first thing that you can do is to find the location where the device is getting hot. So, where exactly does your Galaxy S3 have overheating problems? When your device starts to get warm does it seem to be the whole phone or does it appear to be mostly in the back area where the battery sits? Is the device getting warm towards the bottom where you plug in the charger?

Troubleshoot shortened battery life on your Samsung Galaxy S III

Is your device only getting warm while being connected to the charger? If so, then there might be an issue with the charger itself. Make sure to try a different charger, preferably one approved by the manufacturer of your device, to see if your device continues to heat up. If a new charger fixes the problem, then you can get rid of your previous charger and enjoy work with the new charger. If this is the case, then there can be a few reasons why this is happening. Read on for a bit of info on this. The tips outlined below will help resolve the issue with your device as it pertains to overheating and burning.

Below is a list of the most common reasons and best resolutions that you can use to combat overheating on your cell phone. Things on your Galaxy S3 are the same as any other thing that you have around your household. Things can get cluttered and become overwhelming for your device. Some of which might even start running as soon as you power on your phone. As suggested, Greenify is a great app for getting this done. However, you probably think that you can use Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, and other social media apps all at once without slowing down your device while streaming media from Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, Fox Sports Go, Starz, or the ShowTime Anytime app continuously without problems.

While all this is good, there is a restriction. Watching videos and other media content is one of the things that can make your Galaxy S3 a great device. Looking at a movie when traveling can make the time it takes to get to your final destination go by a lot faster.

Watching movies and playing videos consistently, however, requires more work from the Galaxy S3 processor. Not only can it consume a lot of battery power but it can cause things to get warmer over time as well, especially as our standards for media consumption moves to using streams that offer a clearer picture with a higher definition.

Combine playing a video with a load of a data connection when streaming content along with other processes running in the background and over time your phone might start to get a little warm to the point of overheating. The Android App store has a pretty wide selection of some pretty fun and entertaining games and more and more applications are being created and released every day.

Some of these games and applications require more processing power than others depending on the complexity of the app, and when you add this required processing power with extended usage, then things can start to heat up a bit. What you have to remember is that many of these games might very well require you to use other resources on your Galaxy S3.

Many of them require a data connection which means that your Galaxy S3 now has to maintain an active internet connection via mobile data or Wi-Fi connectivity, the app might need to access your contacts both on your device and social media accounts, etc. All these things add up, and your device can get sweltering over time. If you need to keep your device nearby, then you can keep it in a backpack non-cluttered , locker, or in a protective case on your waist. Protective cases are one of the best investments that you can make for a device.

They help keep your device well protected and can certainly help save the phone from accidental falls or accidental damage. I suggest you invest in a good case for your smartphone. However, you may want to try using your phone outside of the case for a little while to see if the phone continues to overheat or if it helps the Galaxy S3 from getting hot.

How to Fix Samsung S3 Android Phone Battery Draining Too Fast Problem

Do you listen to music from your device while taking a shower? Do you keep your device in a hot pocket? Or has your device simply had an accident where you dropped it in some liquid?

Power issues and overheating are common problems that a water damaged Galaxy S3 can experience. You might want to try and locate the LDI Liquid Damage Indicator sticker s on your device just to make sure that your cell phone is not experiencing any side effects of moisture or liquid damage. Your phone may very well have moisture damage, and you might not even know it.

When was the last time your device got to rest for a few minutes? Does your Galaxy S3 remain turned on continuously throughout the day then remains on and plugged into a charger all night? It might just need to be powered off to rest for a little bit. As Androids get used, apps and processes can start to run and continue to run until you turn them off or the device reboot. Do you have an animated wallpaper with ten different widgets such as a clock widget, a weather widget, a favorite contacts widget, an alarm widget, a calendar widget, a music widget, etc.

These features run all at once, and they are going to be causing your Galaxy S3 to work harder, and could be causing your device to heat up. If you have manipulated or customized the software on your Galaxy S3 to get it to go faster or run differently, then you may have inadvertently caused the overheating on your device. Much like the possibility of liquid or moisture damage if a part of the device itself has become corrupted then that part may need to be repaired or replaced for your device to function properly again; in this case for your device to stop overheating.

Try to think back to when your mobile phone started to get hot. Can you remember anything happening to the device around that time that could shed light on the recent overheating issues? Was the device dropped accidently? Are there any signs of physical damage on the device? Just like a possible hardware issue can you remember downloading any new applications or programs etc. You want to rule out that app entirely by temporarily uninstalling it.

If you uninstall it, and your device seems to stop getting hot, then you will have located the issue, and you could try re-installing it to see if a fresh copy helps but if not you might need to decide to keep that app or apps off your phone. A hard reset or factory data reset erases all user data from the device and puts it back to like new condition.

The only catch is that it removes all of your other information as well. Do NOT put your device into the fridge or worse a freezer. Exposing your cell phone to extreme temperatures coupled with moisture is just a bad idea all around and is not recommended. If you tried ALL of the suggestions in this article with no success, then chances are your Samsung Galaxy S3 has a hardware malfunction. At this point, you need to look into your possible repair or replacement options. If so, then your cell phones manufacturer may be responsible for the repair or replacement of your unit.

My samsung galaxy s3 battery drain problem comes from the cell standby mode. When I check the battery stats on my S3, standby takes 20 percent of the total battery usage. Hmm, the samsung galaxy s3 battery drain cell standby problem is a tricky one. I suggest you take it to a professional for a hands on analysis. You could also try a replacement battery for the S3. Thanks for posting all these scenarios. Unfortunately, none sound like my problem. Does anyone have an idea of what could suddenly drain my battery so quickly? Go to Solution. I read some posts on this forum suggesting that the drain could be caused by different watch faces I deleted some of the recent installed watch faces.

I will have different preferences in my settings to you and different apps and watch face etc. I have the same OS version, and since last week i've also experienced some problems with my battery. Form one day to anothe my batterylife chaned from 3 to 1 day without changing or downloading software. My updates go automaticly so know the exact history of changed versions.

Hi, I have exactly The same problem! Everything was ok on tizen 3. This is ridiculous Samsung, come on fix this please asap. I fixed my issue by login to my Samsung account and accepting all the new terms and conditions. The watch is repared two times by Samsung, first only the battery was replaced, still not much better, so again to Samsung for repaires and this time the mainboard was replaced en some software updates. Now it is working like before.

Same here Samsung, please help. Watch battery does not last a day with latest OS 3. It used to last 3 days before! Please help!


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